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Pictured: DJ BrownRoyal, Cipher Oppressor, Higher Ark, Sol Lingo, Murderous Dock

Back row: M.A.N.C.H.I.L.D., C-wizdum, K.I.K.,

DJ N.A.K.A.I.L. (circa 1995)

Higher Ark & Skematik

Pictured from L-R: DJ BrownRoyal, Deonte (Engineer), Skematik, Buck Jones, Higher Ark, K.I.K.  


D.G.A.F. created the name P.O.B.U.M.S., which stood for Poor Oppressed Brothers Under Mental Stress.

DJ N.A.K.A.I.L. and K.I.K. later added SOCIETY (Sisters of Conscious Intellect Educating the Youth) to the name. So the full name of the group reads as P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY. Later, the meaning of P.O.B.U.M.S. was changed to Positive Outlooks Balances Universal Madness Strategically. 




P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY is a Hip-Hop/Rap crew based in Aurora, IL that was founded circa 1994 by a group of high school friends.  The founding members are D.G.A.F., DJ N.A.K.A.I.L., Buck Jones, James “Buc-Buc” Pewett, and K.I.K. Some members of P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY also engage in community activism work but they do not consider themselves community activists. They are revolutionaries that help in the community.


At the founding of P.O.B.U.M.S. these are the original members:
1.  D.G.A.F. (Emcee)

2.  M.A.N.C.H.I.L.D. the Human Monolith a/k/a Buck Jones (Emcee)
3.  DJ N.A.K.A.I.L. (DJ / Producer)
4.  I.L.L.I.N.O.I.S.T.R.O.I.Ś. (Emcee) 
5.  Cipher Oppressor aka Scientific (Emcee)
6.  Sol Lingo / Broad Day (Emcee)
7.  Higher Ark (Emcee)

8.  Buc Buc (Crew Support)
9.  Murderous Dock (Emcee) 
10.  K.I.K. (Emcee)

11. C-Wizdum aka Christ the Terrible / Skematik (Emcee / DJ / Producer)



Currently, the active members of P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY are:

1.   DJ N.A.K.A.I.L. (DJ / Producer)
2.   Sol Lingo / Broad Day (Emcee)
3.   Higher Ark (Emcee)
4.   C-Wizdum aka Christ the Terrible / Skematik (Emcee / DJ / Producer)
5.   I.L.L.I.N.O.I.S.T.R.O.I.Ś. (Emcee) 
6.   K.I.K. (Emcee)

7.   Buc Buc (Crew Support)


Members who joined between 1995 -1998:

1. Quat Venom (Emcee)
2. Dust (Emcee)
3. DJ BrownRoyal (DJ) 

5. Manifesto (Emcee)

6. R.I.P. SON (Emcee)



P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY represents what they feel Hip-Hop should be from a DJ, Emcee, and Producer’s point of view . . .  turntable wizardry, lyrical skills, PHAT beats, and especially true emotion for the art form! 

In so many words, P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY is tired of the passenger seat thugs, iced-out, nine-million naked females in the video, not dropping jewels (knowledge) to educate and wake up the masses, wannabe player, gold and platinum teeth, no skills having, heavily recycled Casio sounding beat, ignorant ass rappers, who spits anything on the mic just to make a dollar. (No offense of course... lol)


Let's just be honest. Everyone wants to get paid and make money but at what expense. We're not knocking what you do but at the same time, it's time for all of us to do better. If you have to sell your soul to the Devil just to get money, fame, and fortune . . .  is it really worth it? If you have to sell out the art, the culture, and then sell out your People is it really worth it?

P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY rocks for the poor and oppressed, not for the glitz and glamour! This is Hip-Hop from the heart! P.O.B.U.M.S. SOCIETY is here to bring Hip-Hop from a Midwest point of view in its purest form, as they know it. Undiluted and untampered with!






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